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For Martin Luther King Day, a repost. What MLK means to me.

In an American Classroom

Why We MarchIf you live long enough, you become a primary source.

I was the guest speaker in an AP US History class about three weeks ago, there to talk about my brief stint in Chicago the summer before I married—marching there with MLK, Jr., the types of jobs I did for VISTA, and the state of the Chicago Public Schools 49 years later. Neighborhoods are unchanged; schools are still segregated. Poverty is at the heart of it. If you follow school politics, you know the Chicago Public Schools are in an even more deplorable condition than they were a half century ago.

The teacher had read my blog post about JFK and touching—or maybe not touching—him when his motorcade came through my town during the 1960 presidential campaign. When she asked me to talk to the class about what I remembered, the substance was scanty—all inspiration and no information. But our…

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2 thoughts on “Primary Source

  1. It was an amazing time. Who knew that we would be such a part of history.

    On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 8:01 PM, In an American Classroom wrote:

    > Sarah Powley posted: “For Martin Luther King Day, a repost. What MLK means > to me.” >


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